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"DIGITAL Marketing"

Internet Marketing Course


IT People cover all 16 modules under the training programe of Internet marketing. Internet Marketing IT People

No matter you are searching a Job, want to do work from home as freelancer or running your own business, our unique and practical method of training provide you confident way of learning Internet marketing. Each trainee get one single project during the training and even after the training if interested can work on the same project also.

If you have your own project for SEO, or you have any concept we will help you to develope the concept. With the adsense blogging and affiliate marketing you can earn huge money.


Who should attend this course :

If you are working as Advertising Professionals, Sales executives, Marketing Executives, IT Professional, Business Developer or Managers or

student of BBA, BCA, MBA, B.Tech, even if you are Simple Graduate, you must do this course and can get maximum benefits of Internet. If you

are spending some time on Internet just for checking the Email's or chat on facebook, gmail.

Spending some hours on internet you can work for yourself or other's website also. Those who want to start own business, not only in india,

you can work for overseas product, we will guide you how to get orders from specific country. In this way you can earn in dollars, Pounds,


 Our Modules are

1) Internet Marketing Overview

2) Planning & Development of website

3) Search Engine Optimization

4) Search Engine Advertising

5) Social Media Marketing

6) Lead Generation For Business

7) Online Advertising

8) SMS & Email Marketing

9) Ecommerce Marketing

10) Google Analytics

11) Creating Internet Marketing Strategy

12) Making Money Via Adsence & Blogging

13) Affiliate Marketing

14) How to Make Money as Freelance

15) Future of Internet Marketing

16) Project work

Course Contents


A) Search Engine Optimization

♦    Search Engines

♦    Search Engines V/s Directories

♦    Major Search Engines and Directories

    How Search Engine Works

♦    What is Search Engine Optimization

♦    What is Search Engine Optimization

♦    Page rank

♦    Website Architecture

    Website Designing Basics

♦    Domain


Keyword Research and Analysis

♦     Keyword Research

     Competitor analysis

     Finding appropriate Keywords

♦     Target Segmentation


Off Page Optimization





     Video Submissions

     Press Releases



     Link Building

♦     DMOZ Listing

♦     Google Maps


     Q n A

     Guest Postings


On Page Optimization



♦     Keywords

     Anchor Texts

     Header / Footer


     Creating Robots File

     Creating Sitemaps

     Content Optimization

     URL Renaming

     HTML and CSS Validation

     Canonical error Implementation

     Keyword Density

     Google Webmaster Tools

     Google analytics and Tracking

♦     Search Engine Submission

     White Hat SEO

     Black Hat SEO

     Grey Hat SEO


Latest Seo Techniques & Tools

     Uploading and website management

     Seo Tools

     Social media and Link Building

     Panda Update

     Penguin Update

♦     EMD Update

     Seo after panda , Penguin and EMD Update


B) Social Media Optimization 

SMO Basics

♦        Introduction to Social Media

        Advantages Over Online Marketing

        Social Media Strategy

        Network Optimization

♦        Brand Management Strategies

        Network Profile Creation

        Social Media Key Concepts


Facebook Optimization

♦         Latest trends

         Difference between Profiles, Places, Groups and Pages

         Social media and communications strategy

♦         Open Graph

♦         Frictionless sharing

         Facebook Connect (Like, Share, Comment)

♦         Facebook Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)

         Pages (Dos & Don'ts)

         Facebook Apps

         Measuring and Monitoring

♦         Sponsored Stories

         Facebook Places and check-ins

         Advantages and challenges


Twitter Optimization

         Introduction to Micro blogging & Twitter

         Twitter Demographics

♦         Use for reputation, promotion, sales, conversing.

♦         Who to follow


         Tracking Code

         Ghost writers and the importance of disclosure


         Twitter Lists

         Twitter Account Promotion

         Searching tweets and users

         Measuring Influence



Linkedin Optimization

♦         Introduction to LinkedIn

♦         Creating the right profile & settings

         Increasing reach and visibility

♦         LinkedIn Groups

♦         Answers, events, messaging & testimonials

         Company Pages


Youtube Optimization

         Online video – content is king

♦         Viral’ films and brand

         Defining your goals, metrics and budgets

         Social sharing, comments and reviews

         Getting an audience

♦         Creating and managing an account

♦         Using Ads inside Videos

         Promoting YouTube Videos

         Online video – content is king

         Viral’ films and brand

         Defining your goals, metrics and budgets

         Social sharing, comments and reviews

         Getting an audience

         Creating and managing an account

         Using Ads inside Videos

         Promoting YouTube Videos


Google+ Optimization

         Setting Social Objectives

         Social Strategies & Tactics for Google+

         +1s & Sharing

         Integration with your site

         Promoting a Brand on Google+


         URL Shortening Tools


Online Reputation Management

         Introduction to Online Press Releases

         Handling the Press - the golden rules

         Successful Marketing and PR Strategies

♦         Press releases that work

         Organizing 1-2-1 press interviews

♦         Using pictures effectively

♦         Sourcing PR information

         Market research for PR use

♦         Introduction to Online Reputation Management

♦         Generating Buzz

         Five Stars at Customer Review Sites

         Tips for ensuring your happy customers spread the word.

         Ensure your customers defend you from a bad review

         Responding to negative reviews

         Reducing negative reviews

         Blogging for Brand Control

         Social Networking Meets Reputation Management


Blogging Network

         Blogs Creation

         Blogs Submission

         Blogs Promotion

         Blogs Weekly Postings

         Blogs Commenting


Social Bookmarking

         Stumble Upon




         Fave It



Google Buzz

♦         What is Google Buzz

♦         Google Buzz and Privacy Issues

         Google Buzz for SMO


Management & Report Tracking

♦         Behavioral and cultural standard for Social Media Interaction

         Linking all Social Media Accounts

♦         Optimizing Social Media content for Search Engine

♦         Importance of Short URL and how to do

         Link wheel creation

         Cleaning negative result using SEO

         Measuring SM and ROI

         Case study


Image Optimization & Networking

♦         Flickr

         Picasa Web


         Image Optimization & Sharing


C) Pay Per Click

     Introduction of PPC (Pay Per Click)

     How PPC Works

♦     Introduction to Adword

♦     Adwords vs Adsense

     What is Landing Page



     Keywords Selections

     CPC (Cost Per Click)


♦     Conversion Rate

     Ad Positioning

     SEO Vs SEM

♦     Account Setup

     Campaign Info

     Ad Group

     Target Through Language

♦     Target Through Location (Like India)

     Target through Customers

     Target, Placement & Segmentation

♦     Keywords Researching

♦     Traffic Estimator Tool

♦     Ad Groups Setup

     Banner Creation

     Google Conversion Code

♦     Optimize Cost Per Click

     Building Healthy Keywords List

     Traffic Estimator

♦     Accounts Setting

     How to Design PPC Campaign

     How to Increase Traffic

     Improve Landing page

     How to Know Quality Score

     Google Analytics

     Setup of Google Analytics

     Setup of Analytics Tracking Code

     Link with Google Analytics

     Analytics Dashboard

     Use of Google Analytics

     Role of Analytics in Pay Per Click

     What is Google Insight

     What is Google Trends

     Managing Clients Accounts

     Tracking Your Conversion

♦     Tracking Your Keyword's performance

♦     Budgeting, Billing, Reporting Process Techniques

Duration and Fees  : Week Days - 72 Hours ( 12 Weeks)

                                : Week End   - 72 Hours (15 Weeks)

Fees                        : Rs. 24,999/- + 14.5% Taxes



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