Tailored Training Courses

We know that just as businesses, people, and skillsets differ, so do their demands. Which is why our Tailored Training courses have been specifically designed to help you get the course you want, exactly the way you need it.

We can accommodate any number of attendees anywhere you need us to. We can tailor the subjects we cover, mix and match content with existing courses, make sure the sessions last within your desired time frame – even provide the right refreshments.

Our Tailored Training courses prove popular with organisations that have a number of employees or departments involved in the subject areas we teach. Our courses provide the opportunity for these individuals to come together (which is not always logistically possible) and receive dedicated, expert training. It also becomes a platform where individuals can ask questions and brainstorm new ideas for the business, inspired and motivated by what they've learnt during the day.

The most popular sectors for this training solution include Education, Local Governments, Media, Publishing and Finance. However, whatever your discipline or sector, our tailored courses can help your business and your people achieve more – today and tomorrow.

Our Tailored Training courses give you:

  • The class size you want
  • The dates you want
  • The location you want
  • The course you want
  • The duration you want
  • The customised content you want

Pre-training Audits

To give you an even sharper edge, IT People Solution now offer comprehensive pre-training Audits of your business across all our training categories. These can be purchased as an add-on to any of our tailored training courses.

Our pre training Audits will provide a powerful and valuable insight into what is working well, what isn’t and what needs fixing. Then when it comes to your actual training you have two options:

  1. The training can be based specifically on the audit findings, we can focus on discussing any issues, and help you to fully understand – and even implement – effective fixes and quick wins.
  2. The course can be based on content from our existing public courses.

Either way, we will bring along the findings from the audit for your records and information.

So if you’re not sure why your traffic has dropped off a cliff, why you are not ranking as well as you used to and why spend has increased but conversions dropped – even why you’re failing to attract more likes and followers or reasons your traffic isn’t converting – then we can help you find the answers.

Ongoing training & coaching

Supporting your company's digital training doesn't have to end after you day with us.

IT People Solution can engage with your organisation to help support and train your workforce on an on-going basis. We can help ensure skills are maintained, bad habits don’t get a chance to develop, your teams develop internally and your company stays efficient, effective, and ahead of the game.

Registered charity discount

If you are a registered charity, we offer a reduced rate off all our corporate training sessions. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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Digital Marketing Course 5/15/25th day of Every Month Book Schedule Now
Ethical Hacking Course 10/20/30th day of Every Month Book Schedule Now
Web Designing Course 5/15/25nd day of Every Month Book Schedule Now
PHP & MYSQL 10/20/30th day of Every Month Book Schedule Now

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